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Friday, 06 September 2019 11:38

Marble and Granite


Marble and granite are wonderful rich materials to work with. Don't be afraid to explore the endless possibilities available with these materials. Often perceived as an expensive commodity, many are afraid to ask for quotes for changing floor finishes, lining bathroom walls etc, don't delay on your remodelling project one day longer!

Contact TransFormations for the very best in marble and granite fabrication and installation for your home.

Marble is a beautiful versatile material! TransFormations offer a wide range of top-quality materials and surfaces to choose from, and our professional team always provides superior workmanship and customer service. We will provide the design, fabrication and installation you need to make your surfaces more beautiful than ever before.

If you can describe it we can make it, we specialise in the fabrication and installation of:

- Shower trays
- Wall lining
- Flooring
- Marble tables
- Kitchen worktops
- Vanity worktops
- Solid marble washbasins
- Fireplace Surrounds
- Fountains
- Sculptures

What is Silestone?

Silestone bridges the gap between nature and technology. The process begins with combining 93% quartz with resins and pigments. Then through a patented process of vibro-compression, the resins bind the quartz in polymeric chains. The result is a highly durable stone product impregnated with anti-bacterial additives.

Silestone is produced in 30mm, 20mm and 12mm slab thickness. Each slab measures 3 metres long by 1.38 metres deep.

Silestone can be used in a variety of applications, including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, shower surrounds and floor and wall tiling.

For more information on this ground breaking product please contact us or call now: 652 351 612

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